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Click below to invite Linda. Top priority is given to Assemblies of God venues such as AG Districts, AG Universities/AGTS, AG Youth Ministries, and Chi Alpha Campus Ministries.

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Training Seminars

In the Compassion without Compromise seminar, Linda covers a biblical yet compassionate response to homosexuality, including:

  • Linda’s full testimony
  • Why Gender Matters to the Gospel
  • Homotextuality: How Pro-Gay Advocates Revise the Bible
  • Spiritual Warfare: Why Natural Efforts Won’t Defeat a Supernatural Enemy
  • Are People Born Gay? Setting the Record “Straight”
  • How Transformation Happens
  • Practical Tips: Reaching Friends & Family Who Embrace a Gay Identity

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University Outreach

Linda is passionate about reaching our next generation of leaders. In addition to offering training seminars for students, Linda also loves to do campus outreaches such as panel discussions with other religious leaders and/or LGBT leaders followed by Q&A.

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