Speaking Requests

Linda is currently booked and is unable to accept more speaking requests at this time. In lieu of having Linda speak in person, you can use her online training videos. If you need a speaker, she recommends her friend Joe Dallas at www.joedallas.com.

You can check back in Spring 2022 to see if Linda is accepting more speaking engagements at that time.

Speaking Requests Speaking Requests

6 Video Seminar

A Christian Response to Homosexuality

Are people born gay? What does the Bible really say about homosexuality? Is change possible? How can we reach LGBT people who think Christians hate them? In this 6-session seminar, Linda answers those questions and more, drawing from her master’s thesis research combined with her own 11-year journey out of same-sex attractions and transgender desires.

  • Linda’s full testimony with pictures
  • Homotextuality: How Pro-Gay Advocates Revise the Bible
  • Spiritual Warfare: Why Natural Efforts Won’t Defeat a Supernatural Enemy
  • Are People Born Gay? Setting the Record “Straight”
  • Pastoral Perspective: Walking Someone Through the Healing Process
  • Practical Tips: Reaching Friends & Family Who Embrace a Gay Identity

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