Crisis in Masculinity

June 4, 2017 | Books

Crisis in Masculinity Leanne Payne has identified a painful wound which runs through the heart of our culture: sons and daughters who feel abandoned…

The Bible and Homosexual Practice

June 4, 2017 | Apologetics

The Bible and Homosexual Practice: Texts and Hermeneutics Gagnon offers the most thorough analysis to date of the biblical texts relating to homosexuality. He…

Speaking of Homosexuality

June 4, 2017 | Apologetics

Speaking of Homosexuality: Discussing the Issues with Kindness and Clarity Drawing on nearly thirty years of counseling people struggling with homosexuality, former gay activist…

Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth

June 4, 2017 | Apologetics

Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth Offers insights as to how politics (not factual scientific data) have influenced public debate about homosexuality.

Can You Be Gay and Christian?

June 4, 2017 | Apologetics

Can You Be Gay and Christian?: Responding With Love and Truth to Questions About Homosexuality How do we respond to gay people who tell…

Homosexuality: A New Christian Ethic

June 4, 2017 | Abuse

Homosexuality: A New Christian Ethic A concise 64-page book explaining the dynamics of how same-sex attractions develop and how God brings healing. Penned by…

The Broken Image

June 3, 2017 | Abuse

The Broken Image: Restoring Personal Wholeness through Healing Prayer Explains the psychological side of homosexuality and how inner healing prayer can bring resolve to…

Transformed into His Image

June 3, 2017 | Books

Transformed into His Image: Hidden Steps on the Journey to Christlikeness This book is designed to help us look deeply into the sanctification process,…

Sexual Healing

June 3, 2017 | Books

Sexual Healing: A Biblical Guide to Finding Freedom from Sexual Sin and Brokenness A great book for those who want to know how to…

Desires in Conflict

June 2, 2017 | Books

Desires in Conflict: Hope for Men Who Struggle with Sexual Identity An excellent book to give to any man you know who struggles with…

My Child Is Gay: Am I a Bad Parent?

February 24, 2017 | Featured

Some Lessons Learned from Life’s Experiences with Our LGBTQ Daughter This letter was written by a long-­‐time friend of Reconciliation Ministries and member of…