Free Audio Lessons from Elijah House

Click here to access free Elijah House audio teachings that explain the basics of inner healing. 

Teachings include:

  • Biblical Basis of Elijah House Ministry: Inner healing isn’t fixing the self that is broken in order to restore it to its former functioning; it is bringing self to death on the cross so we can be resurrected into new life in Christ so the power of our flesh can no longer rule us. God’s laws and principles affect sanctification and transformation in our lives. The cross of Christ, His shed blood, and His resurrection are the means to stop the sinful habits that plague our daily lives.

  • Understanding Bitter Roots: Judging others is not only a conscious act; judgments become lodged in our heart, repressed and unexpressed. Once formed, judgments reap negative results. Bitter roots defile, and can be the most powerful negative force in our lives, bringing destruction to ourselves and those around us. Only through repentance at the cross can they be removed.

  • Hearts of Stone and Inner Vows: Learn to recognize what a heart of stone is and how to find the root causes. Discover what inner vows are, and how to break them as part of ministering inner healing and freedom in the Lord.