Bible Reading Variety—eat the Word! (10 Chapters per day)

In order to help me get into the Word and consume more of it on a regular basis, I follow a reading plan that consists of 10 chapters per day, reading one chapter each from the following sections of Scripture:

  1. Genesis-Numbers (start in Genesis 1 & read a chapter a day from there)
  2. Deuteronomy-2 Samuel (start in Deuteronomy 1 & read a chapter each day from there)
  3. 1 Kings-Esther (1 Kings 1 and so on…)
  4. Psalms (start in Psalm 1 & start over again after you hit 150)
  5. Proverbs (one a day, correlating with the date of the month)
  6. Job-Isaiah
  7. Jeremiah-Malachi
  8. Matthew-John
  9. Acts-Ephesians
  10. Philippians-Revelation

I keep little post-it notes in each of the 10 sections so I can remember where I left off the day before. You’d be amazed at how much the Bible cross-references itself, or how the Lord will say something to you in one section of Scripture and reaffirm the same thing in an entirely different section of Scripture on the same day. And the beauty of this reading system is it keeps you reading in all parts of the Bible so you don’t get bored and you’re more well-rounded in what you read—so you’ll end up reading all of the Bible, not just your favorite parts.

Warning: Do not attempt this Bible reading system in the flesh. Pray first that God will give you the grace (the desire & power) to do it in His strength and for His glory!