Compassion without Compromise

Compassion without Compromise
  • 6-DVD Seminar
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In this 6-session seminar, Linda draws from her master’s thesis research combined with her own 11-year journey out of same-sex attractions and transgender desires to answer questions such as:

  • Are people born gay?
  • What does the Bible really say about homosexuality?
  • Is change possible?
  • How do you walk someone through the transformation process?
  • How can we reach LGBT people who think Christians hate them?

Seminar includes a full-color PDF handout with detailed notes to follow along with each teaching.

Use these videos/notes as a comprehensive training tool for Christians of all ages. Great for:

  • Hosting a virtual one-day seminar at your church
  • Strugglers/parents seeking answers
  • Sunday school classes
  • Small group Bible studies
  • Youth groups
  • Christian school curriculum
  • and more!

NoteLinda does not receive personal income from online video courses or book sales. All monies received for resources go to Linda Seiler Ministries, Inc (501c3) to cover video production/editing costs, website maintenance, and further resource creation. Thank you for your purchase that makes it possible to bring the message of transformation to more people! 

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