Speaking Arrangements Details

Travel Expenses

Linda does not charge a set speaker fee; a freewill offering is fine. However, it is a blessing if you can cover her travel/lodging/meal expenses.


You can donate online or make a check payable to “Linda Seiler.” All monies go through Linda’s national account with the Assemblies of God, and you will receive a receipt for tax purposes.

Give a Donation


Linda is an introvert at heart and needs time to refuel after ministering and appreciates your sensitivity to that in making lodging arrangements. She also tries to stay in shape while she’s on the road and benefits from access to a stationary bike and/or treadmill.


  • Linda usually has powerpoint slides which she can send to your tech person (please forward her assistant their email address).
  • Linda has her own clicker to advance the slides which works with any computer system.
  • If you have a wireless/hands-free mic, that’s helpful (Linda uses abundant hand gestures and rarely stands in one place!). Due to her intense speaking schedule, Linda needs a mic regardless of the number of people/size of room to prevent vocal strain.
  • Most podiums are too tall for Linda, so she prefers to use an adjustable music stand


If you are hosting a homosexuality seminar, please do not record the sessions as Linda must exercise discretion as to what gets uploaded to the internet. If Linda is only speaking Sunday morning (an abbreviated version of the seminar) or speaking on a different topic, recording is fine.

Resource Table

It helps to have a 6-foot table available for Linda to offer DVD’s, books, and a sign up for newsletters and/or intercessors, as she is always needing to increase her prayer covering.

Preparation in Prayer

If you are booking a homosexuality training seminar, please consider the spiritual ramifications and encourage your people to engage in corporate prayer & fasting in preparation for the training. Once you book the training, Linda’s assistant will send you a suggested prayer list.

If you are booking an evangelistic outreach on a college campus (directly addressing the topic of homosexuality), Linda encourages you to make preparations through some form of corporate prayer/fasting at least 21 days leading up to the event and to also have intercessors praying on site during the event. A solid prayer base is imperative to prepare people’s hearts so that the outreach bears lasting fruit. You will also receive a suggested prayer list for the 21 days leading up to the outreach.